Tech Expert is one of the most prominent & most successful companies sell & rent & the purchase of steel scaffolding & form work & casting molded mineral in the Middle East & the global reach of the market. Provide an appropriate environment to attract customer & achieve customer satisfaction to provide excellent services efficiently, effectively & transparently, through the application of the concepts of total quality & activating a sense of partnership & translate it into reality checks that.

TechExpert has the privilege of having highly satisfied clients including some of the largest MNC's. At the same time, we serve numerous organizations in the small and medium enterprises (SME). While we are present in contracting and trading segment, We have a strong presence in Human Resources, Equipment Rental & Material Supply. We take this opportunity to offer our services and look forward to your valued enquiries. Your satisfaction and trust on us will be the spring board of our continued success.

Electrical and Instrumentation Works

Tech Expert performs several projects in Electrical jobs . From power work to lighting fixtures and for the communication system of the entire building, the company takes note of its step by step process in order to ensure accurate & proper implementation of the project as stated in the drawing and project design. The company regards in its highest priority the safety measures in carrying out its objectives, this is to show to our clients that our company is a customer-driven company and our effectiveness is measured by the satisfactions gained by our clients & partners in the trade. Adopting its service motto, all projects undertaken by the company, were done error-free, for a reasonable price, ahead of schedule and with a max satisfaction to its clients. All these things made possible because of the enduring commitment & dedication of our workforce & with the skills, technical know-how & experiences of our staff.


Civil Sub Contract

We are a firm believer in partnering and the motivating force partnering can have on a project. Developing trust with a team where each member looks for ways to help the other, promotes the best kind of collaboration and each member benefits.

Including but not limited to industrial earthwork projects, site grading and site roads in industrial areas. Construction of all types of buildings, traditional or concrete construction, Renovation of all types of buildings Demolition of concrete and steel structures, Installation of Perimeter security fences, including Paving Works, Excavation & Back Filling.


  • Paving Works
  • Excavation & Back Filling
  • Earth Work & Road Work
  • Fencing